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Походу сайт платный? Я не вижу Ваших писем господа((( Посему или имейте мужество оплатить мне чтение Ваших же писем или отправляйтесь сюда - в контакте я sveta_rozova

1. I am allergic to raspberry. And mysteriously non-allergic to any other berries at all.

2. When judged from my writing I seem to be more emotional than I really am. This was noted by almost every one who met me in real life after reading my journal on-line first for a while.

3. But still I am quite quick-tempered and a person of feeling. I could burst in tears if I see that someone offends another person.

4. Of all the cuisines I like japanese best.

5. I can't bear cries and quarrels. Quite often I settle for less just to avoid any conflict. I am getting sick when I am among loud quarreling and swearing.

6. The older I get, the less I believe in friendship between women.

7. I was never one of those people who like to be challenged, but one of the reasons I chose my coach was that he wouldn't ever believe that I'll succeed and was sure that I'll quit sooner rather than later.

8. I never felt childhood-sick with its longing to go back to the days of kindergarden and being care-free. My reason is that being an adult and completely responsible for one's life is so much mentally easier than being governed by parents, however open-minded and kind they were.

9. I prefer to first read the review (the more details the better) and afterwards to view the movie itself.

10. My left leg is always getting in trouble. Twice I fell down with complications and strained ligaments. But my right leg have never had any problems.

11. I am often told that my laugh is of very contagious nature.

12. I think that lying to oneself is the most terrible thing one can do to himself.

13. When I fall deep in thought I tend to leave things in odd places on autopilot and can't remember what I've been doing at the time. Once I left keys in the fridge, and purse in the household chemicals' closet. I hate this trait because some thing go missing for months at a time.

14. I consider an ultimate rudeness any remarks on one's appearance if it was not solicited.

15. I have strong passion for parties and visiting friends.
Знакомства: Поиск: Женщина ищет мужчину в возрасте 26-70 лет
Рост: 170
Вес: 49
Цвет глаз: green
Цвет волос: blond
Телосложение: Худощавое
I'm looking for a husband! I am not a prostitute and I do not practice sex tourism! Do not invite me to such events!!!
Ненавижу в людях
1. Please if you look for the woman for reproduction - don't write me! I am not an incubator! I don't want children!

2. Don't write me "hi" and "how are you"! Be more original I trust you can
Политика и история
Работа и карьера
Домашние животные
Мода, стиль
Магия, эзотерика, гороскопы
Чем займется в свободное время:
Пойду гулять
Почитаю дома
Побуду в одиночестве
Поеду на природу
Пойду в кино
Пойду в театр
Пойду в музей
Пойду в ресторан
Займусь спортом
Занятия спортом:
Любимые музыкальные направления:
Этническая, нью-эйдж
Не курю
Отношение к алкоголю:
Не пью вообще
Отношение к наркотикам:
Никогда не принимал/а
Что у меня на душе... (мой портрет):
Как я хотел/а бы умереть?
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